Day Use

All Visitors are Required to Check-In Before Proceeding to Enjoy Our Beautiful Property

Fisherman’s Point Marina is a privately owned property and allows for day use of our property without reservations. All guests are required to check-in prior to enjoying our beautiful property.

If you are coming to visit a current guest, you are required to check-in and obtain a pass. Your pass is to be attached to the window of your vehicle for the duration of your visit. A day pass is good from midnight to midnight. The park closes at dark. Those desiring to fish all night must arrive before dark to obtain a pass.

Fees are $5 for anyone 13 and over.
$2 for children 2 – 12.
Children under 2 years old are free.

Please visit the Fisherman’s Point General Store to before dark purchase your pass.

Visitors are expected to observe all rules.